Instant Regret

Do you ever do or say something that you instantly regret or feel bad about because you know you went to far?

I did this past week.

I have a tendency to be way over the top in your face or over tease (there has got to be a better way to say that.) people. Especially when they tease me. This past week I had the unfortunate of experience of having this immaturity take form at work. Whilst to some on lookers, my coworker may have been inviting it, I’ve learned that she is one of those “can dish it but can’t take it” and considering that I have a tendency of being pretty quick witted when it comes to these things, well… I said and did some things that I regret.

I apologized for it the night of, and then she started treating more “normally” again. But still, it’s kinda eating up me inside. It’s not that I particularly wanna be her friend and what not, it’s more so that I want to have a drama free work place. So far, it’s all been good, but every once and a while, a few things will be said, or tension will be present. Nothing drastic. Yet.

I feel bad, even though I apologized. I can only hope that she forgives me. This immaturity on my part has lead to some issues in previous environments for me, and so, I must learn to err… control my damn tongue. And be patient. I am older than her, and even if it’s by only one year, I still have to be the “adult” and do the mature thing. Be patient and kind. Even if that means sacrificing some of my best witty comebacks. YAY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND MATURITY!!!!!!!!!

Happy Late Independence Day!

– Kitten Tales

It’s Time for Change

I need to switch up my blog a bit….  try out a new theme or something… I feel a strong need for change. Probably cause I’m bored with my life right now.

After a discussion with my mom, I’m thinking about reformatting all my book ideas into scripts. Honestly I’ve always wanted to be a director, and while I like writing, I just don’t feel like it’s clicking. Of course I am completely overwhelmed by this. I have all these ideas but I don’t really know how to put them into words. It’s like there’s a disconnect between my brain and my hands as they type. I have no problem putting words to this issue but it’s writing down, nay – describing – the ideas in my head that’s the problem.  Especially action scenes. I’ll continue to write short stories (though I haven’t done that in a good long while sadly, I just had my wisdom teeth out so it’s been like a fog for the past week).  After I finish up some personal stuff (and life keeps getting in the way of my desires as well), I hope to finish up a few short stories I have in mind.

But at the same time, I’m wrestling with the idea of changing to scripts instead of novels. I wonder if it work better for me. Or if I’d even be good at it. Do any of you have tips or ideas as to what to do going forward?

Feeling a bit lost –

Kitten Tales

I’m Doing Science and I’m Still Alive

Damn medical procedures putting me under and making me mega busy and what not. Bleh, if I never have to have dental surgery again it’ll be too soon. I had to get my wisdom teeth out about two weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been in agony. AGONY!!! THE PAIN IS SO GREAT! Actually after the first week, I was fine, until Tuesday Morning. After a rough night ( I couldn’t sleep through the night without pain killers) it turns out I got an infection in my mouth because one of the holes closed up too slowly whilst the other too fast (It’s like what happens when I talk, the words come out to slowly but my brain has the next paragraph ready thus leading everyone around me to be hella confused). Luckily, they gave me some antibiotics and sent me one my merry way, so I can still work, unlike last week were I had to call in sick. I felt bad, really. Keeping commitments such as work are really important to me, and to have to cancel simply because I was in pain (I was puking because of that pain too), well, it just makes me feel guilty. Really guilty. Luckily my boss was understanding and what not.

Speaking of work, today I have to be in a parade for work….. I don’t like parades. ;_; I have to walk with my works damn float, and I don’t even know where I’m going.

– Kitten Tales, who is totally still alive.

Of Course I would Be The One

So, I was at work just doing my job and grabbing a container for some fruit mix thing. And I slipped. Slow motion style.

Why is this hilarious? Because for work, we are required to have slip resistant shoes. I had slip resistant shoes, and I still managed to slip. Of course I would. It’s like my brain is all like “Hmmm…. these shoes say slip resistant, better test them and make them fail!”

And it really was slow motion too, I mean, I caught myself once but then gravity was all like “LOVE ME SLOWLY AND SOFTLY!!!!!!” so I sorta landed on my bum. It hurt.

Oh, and I tripped today. Over my own feet.  There were no stairs or objects involved, just my feet.

This is all really ironic because when I was little everyone used to comment on how graceful I was. My mom even wanted me to get involved in ballet, but it seems my DNA was all like “Lol, let’s totally troll Kittentales”

My feet hurt.

– Kitten Tales who finally started playing Dragon Age.


P.S. Dragon Age Origins is amazing so far. Hehehehehehhehehee…..

The New Week is Upon Us

It’s memorial day!!! Sorta, half hour away from it anyways, I usually don’t do anything on memorial day. I mean, I do kinda celebrate it, ( I do have a brother who was in the military, and both my grandfathers served in some fashion or another, so thank you for your service and sacrifice) I just feel the entire thing is a bit too sentimental for my taste,  I’m just not sentimental. It’s not that I don’t have people I care about, I just don’t talk about my caring about them. Too much mush for my taste. (Emotions are for emotional people, and well I certainly am emotional, I’m not THAT emotional). And being one that cries over fictional characters death more than a real person, I guess you can say I am pretty cold or detached. Not sure what that would make me, but it probably would make me something (This is the part were you start calling me captain obvious).

Funny story for you all, this interaction took place:
Sister (in reference to Firefly and Janye having a gun named Vera): Why do guys usually name their weapons, ships and cars after women?

Mom: So that they can love it like a women.

Me, about to protest this: Now see here, girls don’t — Oh wait… never mind,  I name my technology after men.

No joke, my 3DS is Carl, my PS3 is Steve, my phone is Joe, and my Wii is named Greg.  Granted they aren’t nearly as creative as they could be, but I like naming my fictional characters with more creative names, so I use all the regular names on my tech. Makes things easier.


GAH! I Started Having a Life and I Don’t Like It


This job makes my feet hurt. Literally. I stand all day. Not fun. I am however getting paid. So I won’t whine too much. But I will keep pushing the bounds of what too much whining is considered. I WILL PUSH THE ENVELOPE IN THIS MATTER AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!!

Seriously though, things are starting to turn around up in here. I am mega happy because my older sister is gonna make me a Majora’s Mask cake for my graduation.  You could say that I’ve met with a terrible fate (adulthood). It’s not that I liked highschool. It’s just that adulthood entails responsibility and work and taxes and that’s just no fun. No fun whatsoever. I wanna be free. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

*has flashback of that swimming anime that was popular last year* *dies*

Anyways, here are few excellent tracks of music hand selected by myself:

If you don’t like rock IDK what to tell you except that you need help and you need it now.




My First Week of Work is Over

So, I finished my first week of work and it was… nice? I dunno what the proper terminology is for these sorta things. I mean, it’s not like I am in love with making blizzards all day or malts and shakes, but it also isn’t like it’s the worse thing I could be doing, I mean, there is always the option of becoming a homeless person on the side of the street when my parents finally get sick of me. But then I would have no electricty, and then, I wouldn’t be able to run my blog. Or play video games, or anything. Heck it would just be terrible.

Also, I am considering expanding into tumblr and slowly undermining the establishment there. JK, it totally be a bunch of reblogs. Of fanart. And shipping pics, if I dare traverse the tags there. And funny shit…… you get the idea. Oh and if you have even read this far, I am sure you have figured out that no I am not dead, but rather, just really busy. Won’t be after this week though. Well, at least until I pick up another college course. But that will be on my own time. And at community college. AH! The bliss of cheap education. Hehehee…..

– Kitten Tales who is totally not dead.